A mikrotik router (RB496G) which ships with RouterOS. This is customly configured to manage my complete home and server network.
It's amazing what you can do with this kind of brand!

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At first I did want to buy the hardware to install Gentoo on it so I could make a custom router. But then I saw the power of what RouterOS was and what it could do, I just kept it.

With this router I was able to split off my server, intern and wireless network in multiple subnets. This is what a normal router wouldn't let you do to just begin with. Maybe it's just for fun, but this way it's possible to organize and categorize all the different kind of networks. It devides everything into their range for the purpose they have.
It is possible to create multiple VPN connections, and so I came with some interesting ideas... For example, my most valuable idea was to get me a static ip, without the need to pay so much and having the flexebility the IP, the endpoint or changing the IP whenever I wanted. The idea came when I thought abotu the fact when I ever would be moving. So I was prepared for the case when I would move home, I wouldn't need to take an expensive provider that could provide me a static IP. Even then, it could mean that you needed to have a business in order to be able to get one.
And guess what.. a year later, it happened.. I moved home and took another provider, and I just kept my static IP without even feeling anything when I meved my server. This was once again the nice idea I got right on time without the need to find a solution when everything was on fire! (and yeah, luckily it never came to that) So I was completely prepared with a better and een much less costly solution than it wculd have been.
Most important thing is that it's possible to do whatever you want with the routerboard. Any port can be configured how you want, as are the VPN's, wireless, and yes.. everything you can think about as it even allows you to write LUA scripts! I was even amazed when I saw that you could setup multiple wireless ssid's with just 1 router and the same wireless card!
Oh, last thing which is quite cool.. when connecting to the terminal, the navigation is quite the same as how you would navigate through the WebFig (web based configuration). I would say, if you have a little bit of experiance, I would recommend this kind of brand! And I can say for sure, that you won't have any regrets!

BTW, I'm not a MikroTik seller, nor do I have any certificate for it. I just like to show that I did play with it, and made a nice custom setup!