I've created this website to have something colorful on this address. The main prurpose is to show and share some of my projects with the world.

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I created this website by using a simple template from startbootstrap called Creative. It's wrapped within a small framework which I created to manage those pages. And since I want to be a bit creative, I derive a little bit from the default. By doing this, I could more easily create my pages with basic logic and files. The source for this website can be found on my Gitea.

Show me those creative things!

Highlights, well .. to fill the page, and make it nice?


The projects I work(ed) on can be seen as my diamonds. I've put so many time in some that they are worth something to me right?


I like them, you get somewhere very fast.. Although, feeling stuck for many hours, nothing you can do, well.. no thanks. I'd rather take the long way, to see more and understand everything.

Projects Info.

Most projects on which I worked, can be found here. Each project has its own description.

Made with Love

This website got some love, by this nice design!

If you might want to get in touch with me?!

Interesting? Do you really Want to contact me? That's great! You can send me an email and I will get back to you whenever I can! But don't worry if I don't reply within a few days, I'm a very busy person, but eventually I'll come back to you!