Project listing.

Below are some of the projects on which I worked, there are some projects which didn't existed for long and most of them are even made for fun. It's even not possible to list them all because I might have forgot about them, or they are so old that there isn't even a trace left of it... *sneezes*
Most of those projects are as follows:
Websites which are nowadays known like facebook (or lets say more the style of netlog in childs boot) which at the end never saw an open port to the internet. There where websites created to calculate mathematical constants for example to approach pi, the euler constant, etc... The real product I created with quite some calculations resulted in the tag (or genres) calculations for
I even created multiple games, starting from very simple ones like sudoku's (which needed to be solved as fast as possible to have higher scores), an idleRPG game (where you just left a page open in your brower, and which pinged every minute), or more complex games where you could walk through a map, battle with creatures, gather items and/or create items from collected resources...
All those are projects I created and worked on before 2010. Those where poorly written compared to my latest projects. And like everyone who is in programming: looking back at older projects, can give you a nice facepalm. You can't blame a poorly written code when you are experimenting right? So at the end, there where only a few of them who survived. And those are the ones I'm most proud of to present them to you! Below you can find a few examples. When going to the details of a project, it might be that I left a link to my gitea.

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